(Frequently Asked Questions)

So… Why only 16 artists? 

It started with David Bash from International Pop Overthrow’s
Hall Of Fame list on Facebook. From there I gathered some added opinions
to put together the top 16 – our first class of artists. Each year a new
set of 16 will be voted on for inclusion in the hall of fame.

I Want My Favorite Power Pop Band in the Hall! 

No problem! We’ll have a submission form ready soon.
Be sure that your artist meets our qualifications:
They play power pop music. More than one album. Over 15 years old.

The Hall of Fame Committee will decide the eligibility of each artist and
then add the band to our balloting.

Who determines if my band is “power pop”?

The Hall of Fame Committee will decide if your artist has a shot at being in
the Hall of Fame. Since there were plenty of bands and solo artists eligible we anticipate
no shortage of qualified power pop entries.

When does balloting start for the next class of 16?

Right now it hasn’t been determined. It depends on the support we
get and how quickly we’d like to have this site filled up. But its safe to
say this will happen yearly at least.