Welcome to The Power Pop Hall of Fame

It all started on Facebook, and Cheap Trick had just been inducted into that other Hall of Fame. On Facebook, my friends posted this multiple times with the occasional protest “Why isn’t ______ in the Hall of Fame?” And David Bash (a true power pop connoisseur) then posted a list of bands that he would put in. The list was 40 artists long, but I mentioned to him that these musicians just don’t get enough attention compared to the bland sea of noise that litters the pop landscape today. I took the challenge and opted to build this website.

If you peruse the The Hall, you may find an artist you haven’t heard that often. Maybe you dismissed them at the time. Maybe something about them turned you off. That’s fine, but I offer this challenge to you: Listen to the music of one you are not familiar with for a few hours. You will see that all these artists share a love of melody and guitar licks. And odds are if you like some of them, you’ll like more of them.

Go ahead. Make your day.

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